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Why Mineral Makeup?

The hype surrounding mineral makeup began in the 1970’s after Bare Escentuals launched its first line of loose powders. Dubbed the 'Mineral Revolution’, they claimed that mineral makeup was more ‘natural’ than conventional makeup. Over the last few decades it has continued to gain more and more recognition, with nearly every major cosmetics brand launching it’s own take on mineral makeup. But is there really a difference between traditional cosmetics and mineral makeup? And if so, why should redheads jump on this bandwagon?

What is mineral makeup?  True mineral makeup should contain 100% minerals like titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, mica and iron oxide and be free of preservatives and synthetic fragrance. There are some posers out there so you have to be sure to read the ingredients.

Mineral Makeup is good for sensitive skin:  Those with skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea or even acne often rely on mineral makeup. Traditional cosmetics contain harsher chemicals that are more likely to irritate the skin. Mineral makeup actually works to soothe and possibly heal problem areas. It is also approved for use when a person’s skin is at its most vulnerable, such as after chemical peels or surgery.

Mineral Makeup provides lightweight coverage:  Both liquid and powder mineral makeup has the ability to provide even coverage without feeling/appearing cakey and heavy. This is particularly important for redheads who boast a thousand and one freckles. Traditional liquid foundation is often so heavy that even a single layer is too much.

Mineral Makeup IS more natural:  Traditional liquid foundation is water-based and therefore must contain a preservative. Without one, it can get contaminated with bacteria. We already discussed two types of preservatives and their negative effects in last weeks blog (parabens and phthalates). True mineral makeup is free of dangerous preservatives. It is also less likely to contain harsh, synthetic chemicals as all of its ingredients are natural occurring.

In short, mineral makeup is worth all the hype- it works well with sensitive skin, it can provide a light, even coverage, and it boasts a list of ingredients to appease even the most hardened of naturalists. If you are looking for a product like this, Redhead Revolution features a mineral moisture tint and a mineral face powder.

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