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Redhead Revolution's New Cuteness Overlord

It's time. Social media places like facebook and pinterest let us have fun, and fun we will have. 

The redhead community has a new friend. He is a redhead, rare, and so adorable, it may melt your face off. So beware. 

Let us introduce you to Captain Freckles the Redhead Panda! He will be making gratuitous visits to us across social media. Why? Because Captain Freckles gets to do whatever he wants to do. And, we think us redheads deserve an endless supply of cuteness and happiness. 

He is a red panda. What, you don't know red pandas? They are mind-bogglingly adorable mammals living in the Himalayan mountains, and a wee bit in China and Myanmar. They have a steady diet of bamboo, nuts, and hugs from us who are powerless to its fluffy perfection.

So be on the lookout. Wherever evil lurks, our redhead panda protector will be there. We hope you enjoy the fun we plan to have with Captain Freckles!


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    Bobby Valentine

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