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Best Eyeshadow Colors for Redheads

Last week I introduced 2 little known makeup tips for redheads- this week, I’ll give you 3 fail safe eyeshadow/ liner colors for red hair.  

So we all know that ‘redhead’ is a catch all term for a variety of shades. You have auburn, true red, copper, orange, strawberry blonde… did I get them all? Well, whatever your shade, these colors were made for you.

Eggplant Shadows: I suppose I could say purple shadows in general, because almost any shade will look great with a redhead’s skin tone and hair coloring. But the deep, rich shade of eggplant will undoubtedly flatter. Use as a shadow or accent your eyes with purple eyeliner instead of black.

Mauve Shadows: Now some people might ask if this doesn’t belong under the purple heading- and they aren’t completely wrong.  Mauve is a complicated color, being comprised of purples and pinks. I like to describe it as a purple with a hint of rose. However, unlike eggplant, which offers a bold look, mauve can be used for a subtle or bold look. It is the closest to a pink shadow that I recommend a redhead get and it looks amazing.

Gold Shadows: Now I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again, golds look amazing on redheads! Gold or rose gold shadow should be your go to look. First, they offer a subtle hint of color along with some shimmer, which will accent almost any eye color. Second, nothing goes with those golden strands better than gold shadows- they just make everything about being a ginger glow with the Midas touch.

Give ‘em a try and let us know what you think at facebook.com/redheadrevo


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