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Brown is the New Black

We have all been there. Standing in front of the mascara section at the drugstore for way too long, waging that that age-old redhead debate in our heads: do I buy brown mascara or black? Often times the decision is made for us when there is no brown mascara to be found on the shelves.

So, what is the right answer you ask… well, first we need to remember that what is included under the heading of ‘redhead’ is a spectrum of shades and traits. However, if you are of the ginger variety (i.e. pale as a ghost, blonde lashes and brows and loads-o-freckles) then the answer is BROWN!

For those of you who say there is no point in wearing mascara unless it is black (Bobbi Brown I’m calling you out) then you simply highlight how ignored redheads are in the cosmetics industry. Redheads have unique makeup up needs and this is particularly evident with mascara. For many redheads, mascara does not simply serve to enhance the lashes but to give them visible lashes period. This means that they are putting on more than a couple of swipes at the tips.  

For the super ging, black can appear glaringly harsh against her pale skin. It is an extremely unnatural contrast. Brown, or even dark brown, offers a more natural look - while still enhancing the lashes. The same goes for eyeliner- unless you want the goth look (which is in itself awesome) brown liner is the way to go.     

Give it a try!
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