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Inspired: Makeup tips from GOT's Rose Leslie

Alright it’s time to nerd out/ talk about makeup. This is part one of a three part series inspired by the gorgeous redheads of Game of Thrones.

First things first, if you haven’t jumped on the GOT train then you seriously need to get your shit together and get on board- you are missing out! However, this post is not on the intricacies of Westeros politics or how badass Daenerys is- so you won’t be too lost.

Each of the three main redheads (Ygritte, Sansa and Malisandre) fall somewhere in the redhair spectrum, which means that each has makeup needs that are not only unique to their red strands but also the type of red hair they have.

Our first redhead is Ygritte, played by Rose Leslie. Having been ‘kissed by fire’, Ygritte’s fierce nature is captured in her fiery strands. Back to reality- Rose Leslie is a successful actress having also played a major role in Downton Abbey.

She is a gorgeous ginger and she knows how to work her fair skin, freckles, and copper/orange strands.  

In the pic above she has chosen to play up her eyes with intense dark liner and keep her lips a simple, yet classic rose pink.  In order to flatter her pink undertones, Leslie used an apricot-pink blush. Note that her freckles are still visible through her light foundation. Keeping the foundation light is key for redheads who sport loads-o-freckles and for those with fair skin in general. For this reason, a mineral moisture tint is often a better choice as it allows for even coverage without being too heavy. Besides, why would you want to cover us such a beautiful trait!

 Here we see Leslie make her lips pop with a magenta lipstick. Just goes to show redheads have a larger color palette to choose from. If you want to go with a bold lip color, downplay the eye makeup and vice versa.

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