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Inspired: Makeup tips from GOT's Sophie Turner

Once again it is time to nerd out/ talk about makeup. This post is about Game of Thrones’ beautiful Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner). In real life, Sophie is a burgeoning actress whose only just gotten her first big break via GOT. She also happens to be a gorgeous redhead who knows how to work those fiery locks.

In the pic above we see Sophie with a light foundation, copper eye shadow, rose blush and berry pink lips. These colors perfectly compliment her orange/copper hair and fair complexion. To transition this into a day-look, just lighten up on the blush.


Here we see Sophie with a gorgeous summer look. Her makeup is subtle with a light foundation, a pearl eye shadow, peach blush and coral pink lips. A light foundation, or mineral moisture tint, is key for those with fair skin. Sophie has also filled in her brows with an auburn tint. When looking for a brow tint, be sure to pick one that is only one to two shades darker than your natural brow color.

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