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3 Most Common Redhead Stereotypes in Film... which one are you?

In case you haven’t heard, red hair is all the rage these days. Celebrities and nobodies join the ranks of the redhead every day and it’s no surprise why. Red hair denotes certain desirable attributes, chief among which are power and sexuality. Of course, this hasn’t been lost on the film industry, which often castes redheads in roles meant to embody these exact characteristics.


1. The Firecracker

Redheads are not known for their calm and serene tempers. Rarely are we cast as the sweet and innocent love interest. Instead we are the spark that ignites the kindling… always up to something, for better or worse, and never satisfied to sit on the sidelines. We are the incorrigible child heroines like Annie, Pippi Longstocking or Anne of Green Gables; We are the fiery tempered housewife, like the hilarious Lucille Ball, who seems to follow trouble like a bee to honey.  

There’s never a dull moment when a redhead takes the lead.


2. The Vixen

It’s science baby! The color red symbolizes energy, desire and passion. At the very sight of it our heart rates rises and our blood pressure prompts the release of adrenaline. It therefore comes as no surprise that those sporting fiery locks are often cast as the sex vixen.

Jessica Rabbit is the epitome of this role, inducing lust even outside the cartoon world. Hips swaying like they have their own orbit, she oozes sex. Today we see Christina Hendricks (Joan from Mad Men) fill the role of redheaded sex goddess.


3. The Villain

Who better to defeat good than someone already brandishing the fires of hell. The very fact that a redhead is in the role of villain immediately tells us what our hero/heroine is up against. We know that the villain has a temper and that sexuality will be used as a weapon (just going with the stereotypes). Poison Ivy in Batman mesmerized people with her good looks and venomous plants.  And of course X-men’s Phoenix (aka Jean Gray) and Mystique- okay so maybe it’s mainly in the nerdverse that this stereotype holds.

Regardless, redheads are good at being bad.

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