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Summer Beauty

1. ‘Love your freckles’ 3-in-1 Tinted Moisturizer

With SPF 15, this moisturizer is perfect for an everyday light coverage. In summer less is definitely more, so you don’t want to overdo it on the foundation. A tinted moisturizer offers just the right amount of coverage while allowing you freckles to shine through.

2. ‘Welcome the Day’ Flawless Finish Powder

Perfect for finishing your makeup routine, our translucent powder will work throughout the day to soak up any oils and even out your skin tone. Tinted powder is overkill and often has a caking effect. However, a translucent powder instantly blends into the skin, giving it a finished look.

3. 'The Nymph' or 'The Muse' Lip Stain!

Minimal makeup with bright lips is in! Swipe on a layer or two or three of a lip stain and have your lips stand out! A lip stain is particularly perfect because you can you use it in addition to lipgloss or lipstick and as the top layer fades the stain will continue to provide color.

4. ‘Color me happy’ Brow Tint

Depending on your shade, this may just be a great way to fill in your brows or it may be the answer to your prayers. For those born with blonde (verging on invisible) brows, the 'Blonde' shade is a perfect way to give yourself natural looking brows. Our brow tint doesn't smudge and will last all day- check out the reviews!

5. ‘All Over’ Face and Body Shimmer

Summer is all about the shimmer. Put our gold or rose gold shimmer ‘all over’ (eyes, face or arms) and glisten like summer intended.

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