The Redhead's Guide to Lipstick

Having just launched a new line of lipsticks, creating a guide for redheads to follow when choosing a color was the first thing on our list. Next to foundation, I would say lipsticks are a close second in regards to difficulty for redheads. If you don’t agree, then lucky you. The source of difficulty comes from already having a permanent accessory: our fiery locks. So how do redheads choose a color that will flatter and not clash with their hair?

Well, I’m going to go against convention and say that a redhead can pretty much wear whatever lip color she wants, so long as she follows these two essential tips.

1. Find your color kryptonite! Let’s time travel back to my super awkward high school days when I had no idea what I was doing when it came to makeup. One of my earliest experiences with lipstick was with a friend who insisted that since I was a redhead I should wear corals- doesn’t sound crazy right? Except that she chose an orange coral, which, when matched with my already orange copper hair, looked awful. Corals actually look fantastic on me- so long as they are pink or apricot corals. Oranges are my kryptonite. The lesson in short: Don’t match lipstick to your hair color!


2. Be consistent in your color choices! Most lipstick guides emphasize matching your lipstick with your skin tone (i.e. if you are cool than wear blue reds and warm wear orange reds). However, I have found this to not be entirely true. Redheads can wear whatever lip color they choose (their kryptonite color aside) so long as the rest of their makeup matches the tone. Meaning if you choose to wear a blue based red lipstick, then choose a cool toned eye shadow to match and vice versa for a warm colored lipstick. Let’s use Julianne Moore (one of our favorite redheads) as an example. In the top left picture she is wearing a warm red lipstick and to match that tone, her eye shadow is combination of warm purple and browns. In the picture to the right picture she is wearing a blue based red lipstick with a cool brown shadow and bit of white liner.

Cool colors: pinks, plums, cool browns, navy or bright blues, blue greens, whites, grey

Warm colors: red violets, warm browns, golds, rose golds, mauve


Keeping these tips in mind, have fun with your makeup! 

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kidvelociraptor July 12 2015

Dear Phoenix,

You probably won’t read this comment, but I thought I’d at least give it a try, since I think I can answer your questions. It sounds like the rest of your family has cool tone skin (pink & blue undertones, prone to blushing & sunburns if pale) while you have warm tone skin (honey, olive, yellow undertones, tanning instead of sunburn). That means that unlike most redheads, you’re actually pretty straightforward, & warm colors should, in theory at least, look the best on you & be the most flattering.

When it comes to seasonal color analysis, redheads are usually labeled as Autumns. While usually I disagree, since we often have cool under-tones to our skin, despite the warm freckles & hair, it sounds like you might actually be a Warm Autumn. Just do an image search for “Warm Autumn Color Palette” or something similar, & you should get loads of suggestions.

Phoenix Palmer May 2 2015

How is one to know…
1. If warm or cool tones look best with my redhead coloring and/or skin complexion? (natural bright copper (winter) to bright copper with natural sun highlights, (I guess strawberry blond, as it’s referred to so often, though nothing close to “Strawberry” (yes, the fruit!) red and NO blond?!? Go figure! Summer comes with Gold highlights)
Got a little off subject….here are the facts:
Bright copper to bright ‘strawberry’ blond (whatever?) Cinnamon, red/brown eyes and best I can describe my skin-tone is…kinda honey toned with freckles (of course!) But NOT like my mom,sister and brother w green n blue eyes….the pink undertones and No sun tolerance…burn. So would warm tones or cool tones look best on me? (BTW, I’m over 40 yes of age.) I’ve ALWAYS heard warm tones for redheads. What’s changed?
Thank you. I look forward to your response!
Phoenix (needing to rise from ashes!!!)