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What makes our Gingerlash Mascara unique?

Redhead Revolution launched a new kind of mascara this year and it’s changed the mascara game - at least for us redheads. So what makes the Gingerlash mascara so unique?

Colors: Gingerlash mascara comes in 3 unique colors. Honest Auburn, True Brown and Genuine Ginger. All three colors were specifically formulated with redheads in mind. They are meant to both work well with fair lashes, offering a more natural look, and compliment those fiery strands.

Ingredients: Formulated with organic green tea extract, Gingerlash mascara is full of antioxidants that condition, as well as enhance, your lashes. Redhead Revolution aims to promote beauty as well as health.

None of that bad stuff: Gingerlash mascara is free of some pretty nasty chemicals that can be found in most mascaras. It contains NO parabens, silicones, mineral oils or fragrances. Parabens, commonly found in many beauty products, have been getting a pretty bad rep lately...and for good reason. Frequently used as a preservative, parabens have been linked to estrogen disruptions in the body and have been found in high concentrations in human breast tumors.

Cruelty-free! Enough said.

Get your Gingerlash mascara and let us know what you think! 


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