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#1 Beauty tip for lips: How to prep your lips for color

Having recently launched our new line of Color Revolution lipsticks, we are on a bit of a lipstick craze over here at RR. 

So how do you get your lips ready for those gorgeous colors?

We recommend a homemade sugar lip scrub. This recipe is pretty easy and customizable for whatever you happen to have around the house.

Just combine:

2 tablespoons of sugar (brown or white)

2 tablespoons of oil (olive oil or coconut works great)

1 tablespoon of honey

Generally one should exfoliate their lips at least once a week, however this recipe is gentle enough for daily use. You can even make this part of you daily lipstick routine. This is an especially good treatment for you lips during the winter months when they are more prone to getting chapped.

RR offers one-on-one support when it comes to picking your colors. So check out our selection of Color Revolution lipsticks and email us at support@redheadrevolution.us if you need suggestions!

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