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CC Cream vs. Tinted Moisturizer

In honor of the newest addition to our line, we want to talk about the difference between CC creams and tinted moisturizers. On the surface (pun intended) they may seem very similar, however each brings something unique to skin care.

A tinted moisturizer is, surprise, a moisturizer with a hint of pigment. It’s significantly lighter than foundation, which makes it perfect for our lovely freckles. The moisturizing aspect nourishes your skin and usually has around SPF 15. The tint evens out your skin tone and acts as a light concealer for blemishes.


CC Cream stands for “Color Correction.” CC Creams are very similar to BB creams, meaning they hydrate your skin and blur imperfections. The main difference is that CC creams have more pigment to cover redness and blemishes. They are really the perfect medium between tinted moisturizers and foundation. They are lighter than foundation but offer more coverage and a more even skin tone than tinted moisturizers. They also have more skin care benefits than foundation. CC creams are particularly good for redheads because we tend to have more redness in our skin.

So which one is right for you? Both come with extensive moisturizing properties and SPF, which makes them perfect for everyday wear. It really comes down to what type of coverage you are looking for. For a light even tone, the tinted moisturizer is best. If you are looking for a bit more coverage for blemishes and redness, then I recommend a CC Cream.

Check out our new CC Cream or ‘Love your freckles’ tinted moisturizer and let us know what works best for you.

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