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Redhead Revolution News: Putting the 'Soul' Back in 'Soulless'


Hello my fellow redheads! I must confess that I hate having my picture taken... like really hate it. Somehow the camera manages to capture my face at it's most awkward moments. It's almost uncanny. I can guarantee that out of a 100 takes, I'll only approve of maybe 5 and, even then, I won't really like them. But, never the less, I sucked it up and agreed to be part of the latest photo shoot featuring our new line of Color Revolution lipsticks. These lipsticks were created specifically with a redhead's unique features in mind and each color is meant to flatter our skin tone and fiery locks. 

In this picture I am wearing my favorite Color Revolution shade: Soulful Dame. As a matte rose, it is perfect day or night. Honestly, I'm a bit obsessed with this color right now. Also featured is the Color Correcting Cream (Fair) and True Brown mascara (which is my daily go-to). 


Send us your thoughts as you try out our Color Revolution lipsticks. We'd love to hear from you!



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    Kate Loveless
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