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Welcome to the Revolution


My fellow redheads- we have been adored, revered, worshiped, and occasionally accused of witchcraft throughout history- Why?  Because we are different.  Our hair glistens like spun gold in the sunlight and it is mesmerizing. We are also rare- only 2% of the population in the U.S. has our blessed mutation of a gene.  And thus, when we catch the eye of an admirer- we appear as rare gems, rising out of the sea foam like Aphrodite herself….. well, that might be a stretch but I like to think so.

Someone asked me, in a rather dismissive tone, why redheads needed their own cosmetics- what is so unique about redheads that they can’t wear the same makeup as a blonde or brunette.  “Well” I said revving up for my usual shpeel, “It’s not only the difference in colors but also makeup needs.”  

Our beauty lies in our unique strands, pale skin, blonde eyelashes, blonde or red eyebrows and loads-o-freckles.  The problem in three parts:

1. It is difficult for redheads to find a foundation that not only goes well with their skin coloring, but that is also light enough to work with their freckles. I once had a friend who insisted I wear liquid foundation- despite my protestations that it would it would look weird if I had no freckles on my face but everywhere else. After several unflattering experiments during which I became a ginger geisha, she finally conceded that I was right.

2. Mascara, while generally worn to accentuate one’s lashes, plays a different role in the life of a redhead.  For those who boast pale blonde lashes, mascara serves to simply create more visible lashes. This means that a redhead often puts more mascara on than someone who just adds a bit to the tips of the lashes.  As a result, black mascara often appears harsh against the pale skin and eyebrows.  A brown better serves these needs, however it is hard to find a true brown mascara.  Of course there are times when a more intense eye look is desired, in which case dark brown, black or even eggplant works great, but for those days on which you want the ‘i just rolled out of bed but still look great’ look, a dark mascara looks glaringly unnatural.  

3. And last but not least, the lips.  For most of my adult life I have never worn lipstick, not because I didn’t want to, but because I had no idea what colors would go with my hair and skin.  Every time I came face to face with the massive array of lipstick options in the makeup aisle I would leave overwhelmed and empty handed.  Since my hair is of the more orange/copperish variety, it was very hard to determine which reds, pinks and purples wouldn’t clash and leave me looking like a toddler who just discovered her mother’s makeup collection.

Redhead Revolution was created to solve all these problems and more.  We are not only your source for cosmetics but a community for you to come and share your thoughts and experiences.


Model: Maayan Keret

Photographer Guy Aroch (NYC, 24/09/2010)

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    Kate Loveless

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