Katie & the Gingerlash Mascara

Katie from Instagram's @katie.uncomplicated tries both shades of the Vegan Gingerlash Mascara and the Brow Love Gel in Honey.

I was gifted these two amazing shades of redhead friendly mascara and I am in love!

The lightest shade is super natural but still offers a flattering shade so you don't feel like you look like death lol. 

The darker shade is just WOW. It's warm and the absolute perfect shade for a darker lash look. The formula is thick and buildable, and the wand is slightly curved for lift and separation.

For an every day look, the light shade on the lower lashes is a great option.

The brow gel has fibers for thickness and the shade is a warm honey, not a cool taupe or red. It's truly a perfect shade without looking obvious (or strange) that they're colored.

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Bren & Pip 🍂

Bren & Pip 🍂

Brow+Lash with Maggie

Brow+Lash with Maggie


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