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Break all the rules! How to wear red lipstick with red hair

I grew up thinking that redheads could never wear red. I just assumed it was one of those fashion rules you didn’t mess with. But more and more redheads have been breaking free of their former fashion restraints and boldly demonstrating that they can rock whatever they want and look great. So how do you pick the right red for you?

1. Make sure that the red (be it clothing or lipstick) does not match your hair color. For example, I have orange/coppery hair so I want to stay away from any orange reds.

2. When it comes to red lipstick, I’ve found that your undertones don’t really matter so much. I have cool undertones but I can rock a warm toned lipstick just as well as a cool toned one. However, the main rule is to stick to one tone in your makeup- meaning that if you pick a cool toned lipstick, make sure your eyeshadow is also cool toned and vice versa. For example, here’s Julianne Moore (a redhead with cool undertones) rocking a warm toned red on the left and a cool toned on the right.

3. Highlight your uniqueness! Currently one of my favorite looks to rock is a bold red lipstick and very minimum eye makeup. Redheads have such a unique look with their fair lashes and brows that they can create a variety of looks that no one else can. My current go-to for this is the Genuine Ginger mascara to give my lashes some length and then the Vamp lipstick. It's a bold minimalist look that will make you stand out in the crowd. I'll even throw on some Brow Love gel to boost those fair brows but keep a natural look.

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Best Eyeshadow Colors for Redheads

Last week I introduced 2 little known makeup tips for redheads- this week, I’ll give you 3 fail safe eyeshadow/ liner colors for red hair.  

So we all know that ‘redhead’ is a catch all term for a variety of shades. You have auburn, true red, copper, orange, strawberry blonde… did I get them all? Well, whatever your shade, these colors were made for you.

Eggplant Shadows: I suppose I could say purple shadows in general, because almost any shade will look great with a redhead’s skin tone and hair coloring. But the deep, rich shade of eggplant will undoubtedly flatter. Use as a shadow or accent your eyes with purple eyeliner instead of black.

Mauve Shadows: Now some people might ask if this doesn’t belong under the purple heading- and they aren’t completely wrong.  Mauve is a complicated color, being comprised of purples and pinks. I like to describe it as a purple with a hint of rose. However, unlike eggplant, which offers a bold look, mauve can be used for a subtle or bold look. It is the closest to a pink shadow that I recommend a redhead get and it looks amazing.

Gold Shadows: Now I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again, golds look amazing on redheads! Gold or rose gold shadow should be your go to look. First, they offer a subtle hint of color along with some shimmer, which will accent almost any eye color. Second, nothing goes with those golden strands better than gold shadows- they just make everything about being a ginger glow with the Midas touch.

Give ‘em a try and let us know what you think at facebook.com/redheadrevo



The Redhead Eyeshadow Palette

For this weeks blog post I am focusing on a redhead’s eyeshadow palette. Now if you are anything like me, then you’ve grown up hearing how good blues and greens look with your hair- how they just make it pop! And I’m not here to argue with that- when you see a redhead wearing a turquoise dress she looks stunning. However, eyeshadows are a whole different ball game.

The goal behind eyeshadows, and this goes for eyeliners as well, is to bring the eye color into focus. This is done by choosing a complementary opposite for your eye color. For example, if you have blue eyes you actually want to avoid blue eyeshadows.  If this isn’t revolutionary to you then kudos, you are in much better shape than I was ten years ago. Now, using the chart below, find you eye color (blue, green, hazel, brown etc.) and then look at the colors directly opposite- those are your complimentary opposites!

Now I’ll break it down:

Blue: golds, coppers, apricots, and burgundy. If you are indeed a redhead, avoid oranges like the plague!

Green: burgundy, purples, rose golds, and warm browns.

Hazel (green/blue): decide which color you want to bring out, green or blue? Then follow the list above.

Hazel (green/brown): coppers, burgundy, rose golds and purples.

Brown: blues, greens and golds.

Brown/black: you can wear pretty much anything and those eyes will pop, so go nuts!

So, what should you be wearing? Check out our eyeshadow collection here.

Here is a pic of Emma Stone rocking the rose gold shadow with her green eyes: