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Exciting August News!

It has been a very busy- but exciting- summer for the Redhead Revolution team! We debuted our new line of 'Get the Glow' Illuminating Mineral Finishing Powder (of which I am currently obsessed!). We have also been working tirelessly on a new eyeshadow line, which will be ready this Fall!

In addition to these new products, our 'Honest Auburn' Gingerlash Mascara is part of How to be a Redhead's H2BAR August Box and it has been receiving a lot of love!

Wearing it today and loving it :) 

I absolutely adore this mascara!!

I didn't think this was going to look good because I always wear black mascara, but this looks great! Still darkens the lashes, but gives them a more natural look.

I love mine! I need to try them all!

And last, but not least, makeup artist and RED HOT model, Grace Gray, will be giving makeovers with RR products at this year's Redhead Day UK!


Happy Summer '16!! 



Redhead of the Week!

"I absolutely adore Ginger Lash mascara!  Here's a photo of me today, wearing the auburn shade. It's exactly what I've always wanted in a mascara.  Gives my lashes definition without looking unnatural as other mascaras do. Thank you for making such beautiful, high quality products for redheads."

Thanks Jessica!


Send us photos of you wearing your favorite Gingerlash mascara for a chance to be featured as redhead of the week and get a free mascara of your choice!

The Redhead Starter Kit: What should be in your makeup bag?

The world of makeup can be a daunting place to enter. You can spend hours standing in the makeup aisle asking yourself what is essential? What should I save for later? What will actually work with my complexion/ hair color/ eye color? As a redhead even more so… When I first started to wear makeup I had a cover-up stick that matched my fair skin poorly and a black mascara that clashed with my overall barely-there makeup look. I didn’t know any better and, consequently, I spent the better part of my teens making poor makeup choices. My allowance was wasted on unflattering eyeshadow colors and foundations that clashed.

So in hopes of sparing a fellow redhead from such awkwardness, here is a list of redhead essentials:

1. Sheer tinted foundation with SPF: For the freckly redhead, the worst thing you can do is buy a heavy foundation. First, it’s exceptionally difficult to match a foundation with fair skin, so the heavier the foundation the more obvious the miss match. Second, freckles are a gift! Don’t cover them up! Try a Tinted Moisturizer or CC Cream as they even out skin tone and conceal imperfections without covering up everything else as well.

2. Brown mascara:  Redheads have unique makeup up needs and this is particularly evident with mascara. For many redheads, mascara does not simply serve to enhance the lashes but to give them visible lashes period. This means that they are putting on more than a couple of swipes. For the super ging, black can appear glaringly harsh against her pale skin. It is an extremely unnatural contrast. Brown mascara, or an auburn, offers a more natural look - while still enhancing the lashes. The same goes for eyeliner- unless you want the goth look (which is in itself awesome) brown liner is the way to go.

3. Brown Eyeliner: A smudge of light brown liner on the tops of the eyelids accents the eyes without clashing like a black liner would.

4. Cover-up stick: For the obstinate blemishes, a light cover-up is recommended.

5. Tinted gloss: Add a bit of color to your lips with a rosy gloss. Don’t be afraid to be bold!

Have some funny makeup stories? Share them with us and your fellow redheads!

Redhead of the Week!

"I'm in love with my new ‪#‎Gingerlash‬ mascara! Never going back! This is the best makeup product I have ever bought. Thank you so much. ❤ I highly recommend this to all natural redheads! ( also, I apologize. Not my best mascara job, but I was just so excited over the color I couldn't resist taking pics!)."

Thanks Lynette!

Find your Gingerlash color or try all 3 for 15% off.

What makes our Gingerlash Mascara unique?

Redhead Revolution launched a new kind of mascara this year and it’s changed the mascara game - at least for us redheads. So what makes the Gingerlash mascara so unique?

Colors: Gingerlash mascara comes in 3 unique colors. Honest Auburn, True Brown and Genuine Ginger. All three colors were specifically formulated with redheads in mind. They are meant to both work well with fair lashes, offering a more natural look, and compliment those fiery strands.

Ingredients: Formulated with organic green tea extract, Gingerlash mascara is full of antioxidants that condition, as well as enhance, your lashes. Redhead Revolution aims to promote beauty as well as health.

None of that bad stuff: Gingerlash mascara is free of some pretty nasty chemicals that can be found in most mascaras. It contains NO parabens, silicones, mineral oils or fragrances. Parabens, commonly found in many beauty products, have been getting a pretty bad rep lately...and for good reason. Frequently used as a preservative, parabens have been linked to estrogen disruptions in the body and have been found in high concentrations in human breast tumors.

Cruelty-free! Enough said.

Get your Gingerlash mascara and let us know what you think!