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Lipstick Confidence

Lipstick Confidence

January 21 2019
The end of the first month in 2019 is nigh, y'all! Have you started on your resolutions? Did you...
The Brow Dilemma

The Brow Dilemma

February 2 2018
There is nothing more frustrating for redheads than the brow dilemma. Well, at least that’s true...
Winter 2017 Makeup Looks & Tips

Winter 2017 Makeup Looks & Tips

November 29 2017
Welcome to your Redhead Makeup Wonderland! 'Tis the season to glow and be bold. So check out ou...
The Redhead Dilemma

The Redhead Dilemma

August 1 2017
Recently The Ginger Philes did a post on the unique dilemma redheads face regarding our blonde e...
Henna: A Confessional Part 2

Henna: A Confessional Part 2

July 27 2017
It's been two years since my first henna tutorial post- or confessional rather. I finally admitt...

Redhead of the Week!

November 6 2014
  Jamie was one of our earliest followers! She fell in love with 'The Muse' lipstain and the 3...

Vogue's August 2014 "Fire Starters"

July 22 2014
Vogue's August 2014 editorial spread is out! Photographer, Annie Leibovitz, features Julianne Moo...

The Redhead's Guide to Lipstick

July 18 2014
Having just launched a new line of lipsticks, creating a guide for redheads to follow when choosi...

What do these Iconic Redheads and Lipstick Have in Common?

July 17 2014
 Just in time for the heat of summer- we are excited to introduce Redhead Revolution’s new line o...

How To Get That Gorgeous Summer Glow

July 10 2014
  Now that it’s summer it’s time to address the redhead summer dilemma: the ever elusive tan. Wh...

Summer Beauty

July 2 2014
1. ‘Love your freckles’ 3-in-1 Tinted Moisturizer With SPF 15, this moisturizer is perfect fo...

Inspired: Makeup tips from GOT's Sophie Turner

May 10 2014
Once again it is time to nerd out/ talk about makeup. This post is about Game of Thrones’ beautif...

Press Release: Join The Redhead Revolution

March 20 2014
New line of Cosmetics for Redheads by Redhead Revolution         March 19, 2014- Contact: Katy ...

2 Little Known Makeup Tips for Redheads

March 11 2014
Tip #1: Caffeine!  It’s clinically proven that redheads have thinner skin. As a result, we are m...

DIY Moisturizing with Coconut Oil

February 25 2014
  2014 has proven itself to be the year of extreme weather. From subzero temps to extreme snowfa...

The Redhead Eyeshadow Palette

February 18 2014
For this weeks blog post I am focusing on a redhead’s eyeshadow palette. Now if you are anythin...

Which Redhead Persona are You?

February 11 2014
Click the link to take the personality Quiz!  

Keeping your skin happy and healthy!

January 27 2014
Another week has passed and it is time to continue our foray into SKIN! Last week I discussed h...