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What do these Iconic Redheads and Lipstick Have in Common?


Just in time for the heat of summer- we are excited to introduce Redhead Revolution’s new line of all-natural vegan lipsticks. Made with organic oils and natural waxes our lipsticks feature a secret ingredient: Japanese Honeysuckle! While being a natural skin conditioning agent, Japanese Honeysuckle also has anti-aging and regenerative properties. In addition to being naturally high in UV protection! It’s a win-win for us redheads.

Each amazing color has been named after a redhead icon- which icon inspires you? 

Amelia- The fearless flyer and first aviatrix to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, Amelia Earhart is a symbol of power and perseverance. Named in her honor, the Amelia is a bold but beautiful apricot, red shimmer.

Elizabeth- The ruler synonymous with an era of wealth and prosperity, Elizabeth left her mark on history as one of the most infamous rulers in British history. We already named our first line after her (The Golden Age), so why not continue? The Elizabeth is a warm gold peach shimmer.

Lucy- The lovable Lucy Ricardo will forever be remembered as a pioneer in both television and comedy. Her character is as unforgettable as her gorgeous red locks. The Lucy is a true red.

Rita- The Glamour girl of the 1940’s, Rita Hayworth captured hearts across the globe with the removal of a single satin glove (see Gilda!). The Rita is a true cherry red- as glamorous as it’s namesake.

All-Natural, Vegan, Paraben-free, Gluten-free


Which one are you? 

Press Release: Join The Redhead Revolution

New line of Cosmetics for Redheads by Redhead Revolution        

March 19, 2014- Contact: Katy Loveless, Founder of Redhead Revolution

530-339-6835/ support@redheadrevolution.us/ redheadrevolution.us

For Immediate Release

Redhead Revolution, an online cosmetics company, recently launched a new line of high-end cosmetics for redheads. Redhead Revolution boasts a wide range of products that were created to fit a redhead’s skin tone and coloring. Products are mineral based and made from skin nourishing ingredients.

The United States has the highest number of redheads in the world. And while they may only make up 2% of the population- that is still nearly six million people who are not best served in the current cosmetics market.

The founder, Kate Loveless, says “Our mission is to give redheads the most amazing products to show off their beauty and cherish their skin.” For this reason, Redhead Revolution is based on two principles: 1) Redheads deserve a category of cosmetics all their own. 2) Women should be able to look great while supporting a healthy lifestyle. Redhead Revolution uses only the highest quality ingredients. All products are cruelty-free.

The first line addresses the most basic needs of a redhead with a twist. To cover the basics they offer a mineral moisture tint, eyebrow tint and translucent finishing powder. The twist comes with the ‘Golden Age’ theme. Drawing inspiration from royal colors such as golds, coppers and purples, the ‘Golden Age’ Collection is a new take on redhead makeup. The line features eyeshadows/liners, lipglosses and body shimmers with golden undertones- all designed to compliment those fiery strands.


Best Eyeshadow Colors for Redheads

Last week I introduced 2 little known makeup tips for redheads- this week, I’ll give you 3 fail safe eyeshadow/ liner colors for red hair.  

So we all know that ‘redhead’ is a catch all term for a variety of shades. You have auburn, true red, copper, orange, strawberry blonde… did I get them all? Well, whatever your shade, these colors were made for you.

Eggplant Shadows: I suppose I could say purple shadows in general, because almost any shade will look great with a redhead’s skin tone and hair coloring. But the deep, rich shade of eggplant will undoubtedly flatter. Use as a shadow or accent your eyes with purple eyeliner instead of black.

Mauve Shadows: Now some people might ask if this doesn’t belong under the purple heading- and they aren’t completely wrong.  Mauve is a complicated color, being comprised of purples and pinks. I like to describe it as a purple with a hint of rose. However, unlike eggplant, which offers a bold look, mauve can be used for a subtle or bold look. It is the closest to a pink shadow that I recommend a redhead get and it looks amazing.

Gold Shadows: Now I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again, golds look amazing on redheads! Gold or rose gold shadow should be your go to look. First, they offer a subtle hint of color along with some shimmer, which will accent almost any eye color. Second, nothing goes with those golden strands better than gold shadows- they just make everything about being a ginger glow with the Midas touch.

Give ‘em a try and let us know what you think at facebook.com/redheadrevo



2 Little Known Makeup Tips for Redheads

Tip #1: Caffeine! 

It’s clinically proven that redheads have thinner skin. As a result, we are more prone to getting certain skin issues, such as those pesky dark undereye circles. Dark circles can result from fatigue and lack of sleep, genetic factors, aging or illness.  So how do we fight the darkness?

Caffeine! I’m not talking about your morning cup of joe. I mean topically applying caffeine based creams, or starting your morning off with a little teabagging (sorry I couldn’t help myself).

Okay, here is how it works: When applied topically, caffeine constricts blood vessels which results in reduced puffiness and redness. This makes it ideal for not only treating under eye circles, but facial flushing and rosacea. As mentioned in my previous post, caffeine has even been said to combat the appearance of cellulite.

There are some great creams out there (100% Pure comes to mind), but if you want to try a home remedy: Steep 2 caffeinated tea bags in hot water for a few minutes, then place them in the refrigerator. Once they are cool, apply them to your eyes for 5 to 10 minutes.

Or, for a quick and easy fix, follow our next tip!

Tip #2: Mineral Moisture Tint

With pale skin and freckles, redheads face the challenge of finding a foundation that will provide even coverage without being too heavy. Regular foundations are often too overpowering, not to mention it is difficult to find a color match.

This is where mineral moisture tints come in. This is truly one of the BEST makeup tips for redheads. Mineral moisture tint is meant to be layered, meaning it can go on light and give nice coverage without overpowering your freckles, or heavy if you prefer. Mineral moisture tint also just feels better on your skin. Instead of this layer of cake, that your skin most likely doesn’t need and which only adds to skin issues, it covers up any blemishes while moisturizing.

Added benefit, because it is more sheer in appearance, it is easier to find a color match. All you really need to know is your skin’s undertones!

Give it a try!