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10 Genuine Ginger Problems

It's almost summer and the first poolside excursion of 2019 reminded me of the many dilemmas that bond us redheads. Here is a list of 10 ginger problems I have experienced in the last month- relate much?

1. Being the one who ends pool time early or creating a towel fort for one. 

2. Asking anyone and everyone if they have sunscreen on a cloudy day- and receiving the oddest looks in response. Clouds do not equal safe, people!

3. People assuming I enjoy St. Patrick's Day... I do not!

4. People pointing out other redheads to me as though we are all related.

5. Always being assigned the redhead character in a show…. Why do I have to be Sansa? Maybe I want to be Cersei! Actually I want to be Ygritte so I don't know why I am complaining.

6. People asking if its my natural hair color- which is no longer a super simple answer. Short answer: it was. Long answer: my hair started to fade to brown so now I use henna to keep it red. Refer to My Henna Confessions for the full dirty tale.

7. People assuming I don't like sunny weather. #offended

8. An undying love for everything Tilda Swinton- who embraces the translucent lash and brow and makes me feel good about it. She also happens to be Jessica Chastain's inspirado for her Dark Phoenix character in the upcoming movie! Not really a problem but something that needed to be said. 

9. People linking my temper to my red hair… pretty sure I’m just a feisty broad who is pissed you ate her leftovers.

10. The mascara dilemma. To wear makeup or not to wear makeup- that is the question and it's not quite the same for us redheads who basically paint on our lashes and brows. Hence the creation of the Gingerlash Mascara.