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Redheads Triumph in Song!

psst... psst... my fellow redheads there is a secret movement afoot to fight against our imminent extinction and seek justice for the many wrongs that we have faced throughout history. Their weapon: song! 

They blame us for plagues, famines, and all kind of catastrophes… then they have the nerve to tell us that we’re angry.

R.R.R.E.D. A Secret Musical is playing this summer in NYC at the DR2 Theatre (103 E 15th St, New York, NY). It begins with the premise that the recessive gene responsible for red hair, MC1R, will cease to exist by the year 2100.. well, not if this pack of redheads has anything to say about it. 

WE are talking “save the redheads”… Like “save the whales” only prettier… and thinner.

R.R.R.E.D. will feature Katie Thompson (Giant; Pump Boys & Dinettes) as “Victoria,” Matt Loehr (Book of Mormon; The Sting) as “GJ,” Marissa Rosen (The Marvelous Wonderettes) as “Stephanie Hicks,” and Lucille Lortel Award nominee Kevin Zak (Clinton The Musical) as “Craig.”


I had the great fortune to be able to speak with singer/ song writer/ lifetime redhead, Katie Thompson, before the show debuted. Katie hails from Utah and has spent the last 12 years making a name for herself in the theater scene. R.R.R.E.D. was written by her, Adam Jackman, and Patrick Livingston nearly 10 years ago. Once Katie, a featured composer in Playbill's "Contemporary Musical Theater Songwriter's You Should Know," added the music it was finally ready to see the stage.

I asked Katie what her beauty tricks and struggles have been as a redhead. She said that when it came to skin care she always wears a tinted moisturizer. Redheads often have difficulty with foundations. This is not only due to their freckles but it is hard to match any foundation shade to their fair skin. Tinted moisturizers tend to be the best answer as they add a light layer of coverage without the heavy layering. Like most redheads, Katie has brown eyes. While I've always envied that look (I have green eyes), I was surprised to find that Katie struggled with this. She said she feels strange having such dark eyes yet blonde lashes. Thus, mascara has always been a necessity for her. 

We sent Katie some Redhead Revolution makeup- we hope she enjoys it!

And we hope you enjoy the show! We will! 

A Redhead's Guide to Summer Skin Care

Having fair skin can sometimes be a burden. This is especially true during the summer months when you can get a sunburn from just walking to the corner store and back. The sun can be merciless. So how does a redhead survive the summer?

Makeup with SPF!!!

Finding a foundation or moisturizer with SPF is absolutely key to surviving the summer. So do you choose a basic foundation, BB Cream, CC Cream, or tinted moisturizer? On the surface (pun intended) they may seem very similar, however each brings something unique to skin care. Let's find which one is right for you! 

A tinted moisturizer is, surprise, a moisturizer with a hint of pigment. It’s significantly lighter than foundation, which makes it perfect for our lovely freckles. The moisturizing aspect nourishes your skin and usually has around SPF 15. The tint evens out your skin tone and acts as a light concealer for blemishes.

CC Cream stands for “Color Correction.” CC Creams are very similar to BB creams, meaning they hydrate your skin and blur imperfections. The main difference is that CC creams have more pigment to cover redness and blemishes. They are really the perfect medium between tinted moisturizers and foundation. They are lighter than foundation but offer more coverage and a more even skin tone than tinted moisturizers. They also have more skin care benefits than foundation, in addition to varying SPF levels. CC creams are particularly good for redheads because we tend to have more redness in our skin.

So which one is right for you? Both come with extensive moisturizing properties and SPF, which makes them perfect for everyday wear. It really comes down to what type of coverage you are looking for. For a light even tone, the tinted moisturizer is best. If you are looking for a bit more coverage for blemishes and redness, then I recommend a CC Cream. And to follow it up, try a simple makeup setting powder that will even the overall tone and soak up any excess oil. 

Check out Redhead Revolution's redhead skin care and let us know what works for you! 

Summer Glow

This summer it's all about the glow. Golds, peaches, and pinks! Whatever brings out your inner goddess best. So how does one achieve this seemingly simple look? And let's be honest... Emma Stone makes it look effortless. We recommend highlighting your cheek and brow bones with a light shimmer cream, in addition to an overall simple makeup look. 

In honor of this summer trend, we have added an new shade to our shimmer cream collection. Charmed is a light rose pink and, like the Rose Gold, it is perfect for getting that summer glow. 

So what is so unique about our shimmer creams? First, they are free of nasty parabens. Second, they are mineral-based and feature Mango Seed butter, Grape Seed Oil, and Camellia Japonica Seed Oil- which, when all combined, creates a velvety, non-greasy formula.

Now you can do something good for your skin and let your inner goddess shine through! 



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Ivy is wearing the Color Correcting Cream, 'Ginger Crush' Mineral Matte Blush, Flawless Finish Powder, 'Color me happy' Brow Tint in Blonde, and Genuine Ginger Gingerlash Mascara

"Your products have completely taken over my entire cosmetic kit. I love all of it soooo much! Thanks for all the amazing products."


Bridget is wearing the Honest Auburn Gingerlash Mascara, Copper Powderliner Pencil, and 'Ginger Crush' Mineral Matte Blush

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