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Break all the rules! How to wear red lipstick with red hair

I grew up thinking that redheads could never wear red. I just assumed it was one of those fashion rules you didn’t mess with. But more and more redheads have been breaking free of their former fashion restraints and boldly demonstrating that they can rock whatever they want and look great. So how do you pick the right red for you?

1. Make sure that the red (be it clothing or lipstick) does not match your hair color. For example, I have orange/coppery hair so I want to stay away from any orange reds.

2. When it comes to red lipstick, I’ve found that your undertones don’t really matter so much. I have cool undertones but I can rock a warm toned lipstick just as well as a cool toned one. However, the main rule is to stick to one tone in your makeup- meaning that if you pick a cool toned lipstick, make sure your eyeshadow is also cool toned and vice versa. For example, here’s Julianne Moore (a redhead with cool undertones) rocking a warm toned red on the left and a cool toned on the right.

3. Highlight your uniqueness! Currently one of my favorite looks to rock is a bold red lipstick and very minimum eye makeup. Redheads have such a unique look with their fair lashes and brows that they can create a variety of looks that no one else can. My current go-to for this is the Genuine Ginger mascara to give my lashes some length and then the Vamp lipstick. It's a bold minimalist look that will make you stand out in the crowd. I'll even throw on some Brow Love gel to boost those fair brows but keep a natural look.

Check out our Color Revolution red lipsticks Red Hot and Vamp!

Henna: A Confessional Part 2

It's been two years since my first henna tutorial post- or confessional rather. I finally admitted to you (and myself) that my hair was no longer the vibrant orange from my youth. I can remember the very moment that I became aware of the change my hair had ever so slowly made. So slowly in fact that I wasn't sure if it was my eyes playing tricks on me. They weren't. It had changed. I was having coffee with a new acquaintance and I mentioned something about being a redhead. "You're not a redhead!" he said. That was it. That was the moment. I had spent my whole life identifying as one of the 2%. I had the freckles, the skin, and up until then the hair. I had suffered through the nicknames and the jokes, and now this person had the audacity to say that I didn't have red hair! I wont relive the horror of my first dye attempt after this revelation. You can refer to the original confessional for that. However, shortly after was my foray into the all-natural world of henna. Now, two years later, I stand by my choice. 

So why henna?  Henna (Lawsomia Inermis) is a flowering plant whose leaves contain a natural orange/red pigment. Because it is such an effective dye, people have been using it to stain their skin and hair for thousands of years. While salon and drug-store hair dyes are full of nasty chemicals that damage your hair over time, henna is all-natural. In addition to depositing color, henna actually nourishes and revives your hair. After using henna, people notice more bounce and silkiness. Also, unlike other hair dyes, I find that henna fades slower and lasts up to 8 weeks before I feel the need to touch-up the roots. 

How to use henna? I use Henna King in natural red, because it's good quality for a good price (about $12). It comes with gloves and a shower cap, but I recommend getting better gloves for more freedom of movement. 

Step 1: Combine the henna powder with water and mix it into something of a paste (not too thick or too watery- think pancake batter!). Everybody has their own set of recipe tricks when it comes to henna. Some add olive oil, sugar, etc. I just use as-is. 

Note: It retains it's green color until you wash it out. So don't freak out if you find yourself resembling the Swamp Thing. 

Step 2: Apply to dry hair and make sure you get the roots. I recommend putting some oil around your scalp and ears so as to not stain them in the process. If you didn't make your paste too watery, the whole process will be easier.

Step 3: Now it's time to wait. You can keep henna in for up to 3 hours but no less than 1 hour. I find that any longer than 2 hours and it comes out a little too bright for my liking. So I aim for 1.5- 2 hours.

Step 4: Wash it out and Voila! Henna has been described as smelling like hay in a barn so you will be tempted to wash with shampoo- don't! Wait at least 24 hours before your first real wash in order to allow the color to set. You will smell like a dirty hippie for a day or two. 

This is a photo of me a couple days after I touched up my hair. If you decide to give henna a try, let us know how it goes!


Redhead Revolution News: Putting the 'Soul' Back in 'Soulless'


Hello my fellow redheads! I must confess that I hate having my picture taken... like really hate it. Somehow the camera manages to capture my face at it's most awkward moments. It's almost uncanny. I can guarantee that out of a 100 takes, I'll only approve of maybe 5 and, even then, I won't really like them. But, never the less, I sucked it up and agreed to be part of the latest photo shoot featuring our new line of Color Revolution lipsticks. These lipsticks were created specifically with a redhead's unique features in mind and each color is meant to flatter our skin tone and fiery locks. 

In this picture I am wearing my favorite Color Revolution shade: Soulful Dame. As a matte rose, it is perfect day or night. Honestly, I'm a bit obsessed with this color right now. Also featured is the Color Correcting Cream (Fair) and True Brown mascara (which is my daily go-to). 


Send us your thoughts as you try out our Color Revolution lipsticks. We'd love to hear from you!



A New Season, a New Line!

The Redhead Revolution crew is excited to debut a new line of Color Revolution lipsticks!

We have worked long and hard to create the perfect collection of lipsticks that are meant to compliment and enhance a redhead’s natural beauty.

The new Color Revolution line offers full coverage and long lasting wear… seriously… this lipstick has stuck with me for many a crazy night on the town. So what are the not so secret ingredients that make this lipstick awesome you might ask…

Hyaluronic Acid fills in the space between collagen and elastin fibers by attracting and holding in water. This plumps and refreshes lips.

Shea butter and Illipe Butter moisturize and condition lips.

Avocado and Jojoba Oils condition lips.

Vitamin A, C & E protect cells from free radical damage.

Add the fact that it is paraben-free and I’d say that Color Revolution lipstick is pretty darn good for you, so pucker up!

Color Revolution lipstick comes in 8 unique colors:

 Hello Red- coral red with subtle shimmer

Soulful Dame- matte rose

Freckled Goddess- coral pink

Firestarter- berry pink

Gingersnap- classic nude

Heart Breaker- deep rose with subtle shimmer

Red Hot- cool matte red

Vamp- warm classic red


Redhead of the Week!

"I absolutely adore Ginger Lash mascara!  Here's a photo of me today, wearing the auburn shade. It's exactly what I've always wanted in a mascara.  Gives my lashes definition without looking unnatural as other mascaras do. Thank you for making such beautiful, high quality products for redheads."

Thanks Jessica!


Send us photos of you wearing your favorite Gingerlash mascara for a chance to be featured as redhead of the week and get a free mascara of your choice!

The Redhead Starter Kit: What should be in your makeup bag?

The world of makeup can be a daunting place to enter. You can spend hours standing in the makeup aisle asking yourself what is essential? What should I save for later? What will actually work with my complexion/ hair color/ eye color? As a redhead even more so… When I first started to wear makeup I had a cover-up stick that matched my fair skin poorly and a black mascara that clashed with my overall barely-there makeup look. I didn’t know any better and, consequently, I spent the better part of my teens making poor makeup choices. My allowance was wasted on unflattering eyeshadow colors and foundations that clashed.

So in hopes of sparing a fellow redhead from such awkwardness, here is a list of redhead essentials:

1. Sheer tinted foundation with SPF: For the freckly redhead, the worst thing you can do is buy a heavy foundation. First, it’s exceptionally difficult to match a foundation with fair skin, so the heavier the foundation the more obvious the miss match. Second, freckles are a gift! Don’t cover them up! Try a Tinted Moisturizer or CC Cream as they even out skin tone and conceal imperfections without covering up everything else as well.

2. Brown mascara:  Redheads have unique makeup up needs and this is particularly evident with mascara. For many redheads, mascara does not simply serve to enhance the lashes but to give them visible lashes period. This means that they are putting on more than a couple of swipes. For the super ging, black can appear glaringly harsh against her pale skin. It is an extremely unnatural contrast. Brown mascara, or an auburn, offers a more natural look - while still enhancing the lashes. The same goes for eyeliner- unless you want the goth look (which is in itself awesome) brown liner is the way to go.

3. Brown Eyeliner: A smudge of light brown liner on the tops of the eyelids accents the eyes without clashing like a black liner would.

4. Cover-up stick: For the obstinate blemishes, a light cover-up is recommended.

5. Tinted gloss: Add a bit of color to your lips with a rosy gloss. Don’t be afraid to be bold!

Have some funny makeup stories? Share them with us and your fellow redheads!

4 Colors Every Redhead Should Have In Her Closet.... other than green

My fellow redheads, I hope you all enjoyed Tuesdays revelries… or, for most of you, the weekends debauchery. Even if you have no Irish ancestry, as a redhead, St. Patrick’s is your day. People rub your head for good luck, call you a leprechaun (or is that just me…?), and above all, definitely expect you to be wearing green. That is our color, right? We’ve all heard it… most likely more than once….

"Redheads look so good in green.”

Well, considering the broad spectrum of colors available to us, I should hope there’s more than just one that we can truly rock. So here are 4 colors that every redhead should have in her closet (in addition to green of course):

1. Yellow. This is especially true in the summer.. find a yellow, be it gold, sunflower or saffron, and rock it. Trust me, you'll look amazing.


2. Turquoise. Yes, yes and yes! This may seem oddly specific. I mean, why didn’t I just say blue? But there’s just something about this particular shade of blue that makes our red hair pop! Throw in some additional red accents (a necklace or bold red lips) and you’ll have a show stopper look.


3. Cinnamon. 
As Neil Young said, we are the Cinnamon Girl. The reddish/brown tint of cinnamon looks amazing with many a redhead’s locks. Again, add some red accents!


4. That little Red dress. Yes I said it! Every redhead should have at least one red dress. Make sure to pick a shade of red that doesn’t match your hair. The same rules for finding the right shade of red lipstick apply. 

Above all, be bold in your look.