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More selfies from your fellow redheads sharing their favorite looks!

Ivy is wearing the Color Correcting Cream, 'Ginger Crush' Mineral Matte Blush, Flawless Finish Powder, 'Color me happy' Brow Tint in Blonde, and Genuine Ginger Gingerlash Mascara

"Your products have completely taken over my entire cosmetic kit. I love all of it soooo much! Thanks for all the amazing products."


Bridget is wearing the Honest Auburn Gingerlash Mascara, Copper Powderliner Pencil, and 'Ginger Crush' Mineral Matte Blush

"Love it! Looks so much better than black!! Thanks!"


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Get the Look!

Once again we return to our makeup muse, Jessica Chastain. She never fails to inspire new looks that enhance and compliment her ginger girl looks. 

To preface, we redheads can wear whatever we want and look fantastic. That being said, there are certain combinations that highlight our unique features better than others. In the photo below we see Jessica rocking an earth tone smokey eye look. Cinnamon browns, rusts and coppers- all tones that compliment her hair color. This makes her green eyes pop and creates a monochromatic look- something redheads wear extremely well. Jessica also wears a brown mascara to compliment the brown tones and to ensure that her eyes stand out but not harshly. Since she has gone with a bold eye look, she compliments it with a nude lipstick. 

(Get the look with the 'Ginger Girl' Eyeshadow Trio, True Brown Gingerlash Mascara, and Gingersnap Lipstick.)

Jessica is also never afraid to rock a bold red. In contrast to the previous photo, she tones down her eyes with a simple shadow. This is where the brown mascara really becomes essential. With simple eye makeup and brown lashes, she somehow makes the red lipstick look utterly natural.  

(Get the look with Red Hot Matte Lipstick and 'Ginger Crush' Mineral Matte Blush)



Photos courtesy of Tinseltown/Shutterstock and Helga Esteb/Shutterstock.


Exciting August News!

It has been a very busy- but exciting- summer for the Redhead Revolution team! We debuted our new line of 'Get the Glow' Illuminating Mineral Finishing Powder (of which I am currently obsessed!). We have also been working tirelessly on a new eyeshadow line, which will be ready this Fall!

In addition to these new products, our 'Honest Auburn' Gingerlash Mascara is part of How to be a Redhead's H2BAR August Box and it has been receiving a lot of love!

Wearing it today and loving it :) 

I absolutely adore this mascara!!

I didn't think this was going to look good because I always wear black mascara, but this looks great! Still darkens the lashes, but gives them a more natural look.

I love mine! I need to try them all!

And last, but not least, makeup artist and RED HOT model, Grace Gray, will be giving makeovers with RR products at this year's Redhead Day UK!


Happy Summer '16!!