The Redhead Dilemma


Recently The Ginger Philes did a post on the unique dilemma redheads face regarding our blonde eyelashes and brows. We are truly capable of looking like two different people with or without makeup. 

Growing up, I never left the house without mascara. I was terrified at the thought of anyone seeing me with my blonde lashes bare. I felt naked without it! As I grew older, I began to feel resentful of what I viewed as society's shallow constraints. Why couldn't I go au naturale? My subsequent experimentation with different looks would result in the birth of Redhead Revolution. 

I believe that before a redhead puts on a drop of makeup, she should embrace her unique ginger look. By loving what's underneath we can begin to add and enhance without clashing and covering up what makes us special. We are unicorns!

Currently one of my favorite looks to rock is a lipstick with either no eye makeup or the Genuine Ginger mascara. The lipstick enhances my features and makes my eyes pop. I always put on a light layer of the tinted moisturizer to give my skin an even tone, but that's it!

Share your unique ginger stories! 


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The Ginger Philes August 1 2017

Thanks for the shoutout! I’m in love with that look and obsessed with the looks in both of these pictures! Maybe we’re starting a new redhead trend!?