This is for you.

This is for you. The rare ones. The stand out ones. The MC1Rers. The freckled. The fair. The olive toned and red of hair.

You might have noticed that we made some changes: new look, new formula, new products. Or, if you're new and have have no idea what I'm talking about  welcome!

How we got our start

Redhead Revolution began in my kitchen. After much research and a couple of cold calls to cosmetic chemists, I began making the Gingerlash Mascara for myself. When I decided to expand into a facility and offer the product to other redheads, I had no idea there would be such a demand. I learned quickly that I was not alone in my desire for a more natural lash look.

People think I'm joking when I say this but I actually started a makeup company because I hated makeup. Ironic? I guess but also effective. I hated makeup because I hated how it made me feel. There was no way for me to pull of the 'no makeup' makeup look. As soon as I swiped on that black or even dark brown mascara I looked like a redhead wearing makeup. On the few days that I decided to let my lashes go commando I would get comments like, 'why do you look so different today?' or 'you look tired.' I became incredibly self-conscious and I hated it! Gingerlash solved all this. Nowadays, I very often don't wear any makeup and I feel much more comfortable doing so because the transition from me with makeup to without isn't so drastic.

What to expect

Now, after five years, we here at Redhead Revolution are taking the lessons we've learned to bring you truly 'redhead friendly' products that will make you feel great about being part of the 2%. Expect a small but precise line- we are tackling the makeup issues that big companies catering to the 98% can't be bothered with. We want to offer products that are unique to our needs. Please, tell us what you want! We are product obsessed and we aren't done creating! Also, tell us what you love! As the title of this blog blatantly states: This is for you so make it yours. Stay in touch. Send us pics of your product favorites! We want to hear from you!

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