Redhead Photoshoot: Get the Look!


Redhead Revolution teamed up with artist/filmmaker, Alexia Anastasio, for a redhead photoshoot… and it was amazing! We gathered 7 local redheads together and the result was one fantastic day full of great people, makeup and mimosas.  

A few of months ago, Alexia and I decided to combine efforts. She is working on a documentary, Ginger Girls: The Secret Lives of Redheads, and we at Redhead Revolution were in the process of creating a new line of Gingerlash mascaraWhat could be more perfect than a joint photoshoot that helped her reach her goal of photographing 500 redheads and allowed us to feature our new redhead mascara!


Renee is wearing our new Honest Auburn mascara. She has a very natural glow about her, so we wanted to keep her makeup light but definitely enhance the eyes. The auburn worked perfectly, giving her natural looking full lashes. She is also wearing our Auburn Brow Tint'The Huntress' lipgloss, 3-in-1 Tinted Moisturizer (Fair) and Finishing Powder


Sarah is a mother, actress and founder of Redhead Planet, a site just for redheads! We wanted to give her a glamorous look. She is wearing our Honest Auburn mascara, 24k Pearl eyeshadow with the Glitz eyeliner. We added 'The Nymph' lipstain her lips, in addition to the 'Elizabeth' lipstick to top it off. 


Nicole was our summer beauty. She already had an amazing natural glow about her, so put on the 3-in-1 Tinted Moisturizer (Light) to even out her skin tone. Then we added just a hint of the Rose Gold Face and Body Shimmer, followed by the Finishing Powder to soak up any oils. Since we were going for a summer look, we wanted her lips to pop! Our all-natural 'Amelia' lipstick did the trick wonderfully. Then we filled in her brows with the Blonde Brow Tint and added our new True Brown mascara.

Courtney wore our Honest Auburn mascara and Pearl Glo eyeshadow. For her dramatic lips she put on several layers of our 'Nymph' lipstain. Our lipstains are extremely versatile. They can be layered on for a more dramatic look, or just a swipe or two to add a hint of color. To round out her beautiful look, she wore our 3-in-1 Tinted Moisturizer (Light), Rose Gold shimmer on her cheeks and Finishing Powder.


Rachel has a much more intense look with our Apricot eyeshadow and rose gold shimmer for a shadow base. She is also wearing our Honest Auburn mascara, and the red tint works perfectly with the shadow. To round out her look, she wore the 3-in-1 Tinted Moisturizer (fair), Finishing Powder and Blonde brow tint.


Shannon is the athlete of the group, so we wanted to keep her makeup practical but definitely have some fun with her gorgeous features. For her eyes, we applied our Pearl Glo eyeshadow and Honest Auburn mascara. She was particularly fond of the Blonde Brow Tint (cause it's amazing). Then of course the 3-in-1 Tinted Moisturizer (light)- which works great with her freckles.


Rebekah, who is naturally very glamorous, is wearing the 24k Pearl eyeshadow with the Gold shimmer as a shadow base. Her lips are colored with 'The Muse' lipstain and topped with the 'Elizabeth' lipstick to add a bit of shimmer. We wanted her to be our golden girl!


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