The Redhead Guide to Eyebrows


Mercedes applies the Brow Love Gel in Ginger. She's also wearing the Gingerlash Mascara in Genuine Ginger. 


Hello fellow redheads! 

In this post I want to talk about how to pick the right shade for your brow color - which is no small feat. This particular post was especially motivated by our newest Brow Love Gel addition in the shade, Cinnamon, and the many inquiries we received. Okay so here goes...

So one brow issue that is really unique to redheads is that many redheads have really fair brows in addition to fair skin so the brows are difficult to see and consequently to shade match. This is especially true when they are so fair that adding any color at all is like basically painting on a blank canvas. One way to deal with this is to get your brows tinted. You can do this at home or get it professionally done. Here's a link to a previous post where I detail my experience with home brow tinting.

Getting back to your extremely fair, nigh invisible brows, one of the biggest mistakes redheads make when looking for a brow color is trying to match it to their hair color. Just because you have red hair doesn't mean that you will or should have red eyebrows. 

Makeup artists most commonly suggest picking a brow color that is one to two shades darker than your natural brow color. It goes to reason then that if you have blonde/invisible brows then you probably want to stay in the blonde shade family instead of jumping to red. I recommend a warm blonde shade. If you have strawberry blonde brows then you can go either way. You can go more of a warm blonde and play down the red or you can use a warm/light shade of red/orange.

For those redheads whose brows are a more visible orange, then you want to stay in that shade family. Meaning a warm orange shade would be best. One thing that I've always hated about many of the so called 'redhead' brow shade offerings is that they are either auburn and thus too dark or their lighter redhead options are blue based and end up having an almost reddish/purple hue on the brows - so beware. 

Redheads with darker brows can use an auburn brow shade or veer into the brown family. Again, following the one to two shades darker rule, it depends on the natural shade of your brows.

Now to speak specifically to our redhead brow offerings, here is an attempt at a chart pairing brow color to Brow Love Gel shades. Shoot us an email if you have any questions- we're happy to help! 


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Mary May 25 2024

Sono rossa con lentiggini e occhi verdi le mie sopracciglia sono bionde …
Vorrei provare i vostri prodotti e vorrei sapere se sono siliconi free parabeni free e se distribuite anche in Europa
Grazie mille☺️😏

Jorena February 2 2024

I have strawberry hair color, dark brown eyes, and my eyebrows have always been a kind of grayish color, I’m in my 70’s now and it’s hard to find the right shade that looks natural for my eyebrows. Any suggestions?

KKredhead September 16 2023

Maybe I’m missing it, but I only see models with blue eyes. Do you have any with brown or hazel eyes? I would love to see the colors on brown eyes. What color mascara and liner do you suggest?

Teresa Kirkpatrick January 31 2023

Me being copper auburn ,blonde eyebrows and I do have blie eyes get confused on eyebrows love these colors,