Quiz: Which Redhead Persona are You?

Which Redhead Persona are You? Answer these 8 questions:



1. What is your dream job?

A.  Not sure. I can’t imagine doing one thing for more than a year.

B.  I’m sorry but that’s above your clearance level.

C.  Being my own boss!

D.  Something in the tech world- maybe a startup company.

E.  Barista

F.  Preferably no job so I can work on my art all day.

1. How would you let a crush know that you are interested?

A.  I don’t fall for anyone very easily, but when I do, I go all in.

B.  It would most likely be someone at work- and I’m not sure about mixing work with pleasure. I might just let the sexual tension fester for several seasons.

C.  Oh I have my ways. Men are my specialty.

D.  Stare from afar and home that someday he feels the heat rays coming out of my eyes.

E.  Isn’t the man suppose to approach the woman?

F.  I have no problem being blunt. Although I am generally opposed to traditional forms of relationships/marriage.

2. You have a habit of  __________ at parties.

A.  going a little crazy

B.  being aloof

C.  being very flirtatious

D.  I’m not really a party kinda gal

E.  looking for Mr.Right

F.  being condescending- I can’t help that this room is full of neanderthals.

3. You have tended to be __________.

A.  flighty and unreliable

B.  introverted

C.  confrontational- I have no problem telling people off.

D.  silent when I shouldn’t be.

E.  a bit of a daydreamer

F.  self-absorbed

4. What would you do if you were kidnapped by Moriarty?

A.  As long as death wasn’t imminent, I’d probably enjoy the adventure.

B.  Bet Moriarty wasn’t expecting me be carrying mace, a stun gun and a dagger- in my UNDERWEAR!

C.  Seduce him! Then steal the keys to my freedom.

D.  Outwit him! I’m usually the brains behind operations.

E.  Sherlock will find me! …..and then we’ll fall madly in love.

F.  Bribe him or offer to pay for his next criminal venture- honestly, does he not know who I am?

5. Which outfit best describes your personality?

A.  Something casual like cargo pants and a sweatshirt.

B.  Something practical yet sophisticated. Lady’s pant suit I suppose.

C.  A dress that shows off my curves. Beauty is power.

D.  Overalls! I’m bringin em back

E.  A floral summer dress.

F.  A kimono or sari - I like to appear cultured.


6. Which of the following do you value most in your life?

A.  Freedom

B.  Meaningful career

C.  Respect

D.  Friendship

E.  Romance

F.  Beauty - in its myriad forms

7. The thing you fear most in life is ______________.

A.  Losing my sense of self.

B.  Never being able to fully let someone else into my life.

C.  Letting my guard down- or rather never being able to.

D.  Never reaching my full potential.

E.  Never finding my soulmate.

F.  Having to move to Nebraska.

8. What type of guys are you usually attracted to?

A.  I don’t really have a type- whoever I connect with.

B.  Someone as dedicated to their work as I am.

C.  I can’t resist a man in a suit or uniform.

D.  The quirky/ nerdy type.

E.  A guy that can sweep me off my feet.

F.  That’s such a banal question.